Unleash Your Creativity in Work and Life – Fri, 15 Jul 2022

According to LinkedIn, one of the most in-demand job skills is Creativity. Regardless of how many machines work beside us, it is our innate human skills, such as our Creativity, that will hold the highest value.

At work, Creativity helps you bring new, inventive ideas to the table, and it enables you to be a force for change in your organisation. In your personal life, Creativity allows you to improve your quality of health and life. It helps you deal with uncertainties and personal challenges with swift, decisive action. In one word, Creativity is essential.

You might think you’re just born “uncreative”, but that’s not true! Creativity is an acquired skill, and this course will prompt you to roll up your sleeves and go hunting for sources of inspiration, act on your curiosity and distil originality. You will learn proven methods and high-impact techniques to unlock your creative side, how you can generate creative ideas and develop solutions that will help you overcome your limitations.

There’s a creative genius inside of you—you just need to unlock it!


Friday, 15 Jul 2022 from 9:00 to 17:00 (Singapore time, GMT + 8)


Hotel (in-person)

Course Fee

$480 per participant

(In collaboration with @ASK Training)