Revitalised Brand Expression

Straits Construction

Straits Construction, founded in 1969, is one of Singapore’s best construction companies, with multiple awards recognising its work standards. For nearly 50 years, the company has developed some of the most prestigious HDB housing estates and private condominium projects. The company is now run by a second-generation leader who wants to take the business to unprecedented heights.

Straits Construction Unveils Its True Brand Value

The Challenges

Being an award winning company, the existing brand image of Straits Construction is not a true reflection of its status. Think of a company that is pitted against other international Singaporean companies. With so many other international brands in the same race as Straits Construction, it had to do something special to attract new talent and retain it which was otherwise taking more interest in working for its competitors.

Our Solutions

1. Rediscovering the Brand
We deployed both the qualitative and quantitative approaches to discover the internal and external differentiators and strengtheners of the brand. Used online surveys to know what the internal perception of the brand was. We held in-depth interviews with the stakeholders to know the external brand image, reception, and perception.

2. Formulating a Strategy Based on Collected Data
Revamped, renewed and restructured brand values, mission, vision, brand positioning elements, brand persona, etc. Created a relevant, appealing and emotional tagline for the brand, i.e., Higher Further Together. The tagline contained a strong message for both, the customers and the employees. With this new message, the brand now makes it clear that it believes in growth by working together. The message clarified that employees at Straits Construction grow with the company.

3. Rejuvenating the Brand’s Personality
The brand’s identity had to be made stronger and impacting at every touch point, so we strengthened brand’s identity by incorporating the strongest branding elements into office spaces, meeting rooms, etc. Infused the branding elements into corporate stationery, staff pass, corporate videos, etc.

4. Forming a Culture That Promotes the Brand Internally
We took 19 members from the Straits Construction staff and made them a part of the 3-day program to instill in their minds the importance of internalizing the brand and making every employee connected with it. With these efforts, we created an in-house brand ambassador team that had been given the task to cascade the brand enterprise-wise.

Brand Ambassador Training - Train-the-trainer Programme
Brand Launch on Family Day


The above efforts acted as an ignition for the engine. Good results started coming as we saw more and more applications showing their interest in working for Straits Construction—the brand was now sounding more appealing to them. Media attention was inevitable at this point so an interview was conducted by HR Magazine. They introduced Straits Construction’s management as “talented” and recognized their efforts for the company as future proof.

As we worked on improving the employee-employer relation, it automatically boosted talent retention i.e. people love to work for companies that make them feel happy. We also cleared the fog that eclipsed the Strait Construction’s brand identity and core values, and this resulted in immediate rise of trust from company’s customers and stakeholders. Most importantly, we cut, polished and finished a completely renewed personality for the brand that truly represented the status of an award-winning company.