Revitalised Brand Expression

A Winning Corporate and Employer Brand: Straits Construction's Brand Journey

Straits Construction, a renowned construction company founded in 1969, has been a cornerstone of Singapore's construction industry for almost 50 years. With a track record of building some of the most prestigious HDB housing estates and private condominium projects, the company has won multiple awards for its exceptional work standards.

Straits Construction Unveils Its True Brand Value

The Challenges

Despite its impressive reputation, Straits Construction faced significant challenges as it competed against an influx of global brands entering Singapore. The existing brand image did not fully align with the company’s true value proposition, leading to difficulties attracting key partners and talent in an increasingly competitive market.

Our Solutions

1. Rediscovering the Brand
We began with thorough qualitative and quantitative research to comprehend the internal and external brand perceptions. We conducted online surveys and in-depth interviews with the senior management team, leaders, employees, key customers, and partners, extracting invaluable insights into the company’s strengths and weaknesses and the underlying factors influencing its brand perceptions.

2. Formulating a Strategy Based on Collected Data
Our research showed that Straits Construction is a true value-giver. Their partners shared stories of significant business growth through collaborations with Straits. At the same time, their employees recognised the company’s unwavering stability and resilience in the face of financial crises and industry turbulence. Drawing upon these insights, we developed a robust brand strategy encompassing the company’s mission, vision, core values, positioning, and brand persona. We captured the essence of Straits Construction’s competitive edge and communicated it through an inspiring tagline, “Higher Further Together.” This message embodies the company’s commitment to growth, collaboration, and excellence and has helped to rally employees, customers, and partners behind the brand to reach greater heights.

3. Rejuvenating the Brand Touchpoints
To strengthen the brand identity, we incorporated the most vital branding elements into every touchpoint, including office spaces, meeting rooms, corporate stationery, staff passes, and corporate videos. We also designed a visually appealing and user-friendly website that showcased the company’s portfolio, values, and commitment to excellence.

4. Instilling a Brand-driven Culture 
To foster a deep sense of loyalty and passion for the Straits Construction brand among employees, we implemented a comprehensive brand ambassador program. We hand-picked 19 employees to participate in a rigorous train-the-trainer program. They were equipped with the knowledge, tools, and expertise to become effective communicators of the brand’s messaging and values. The program has been a resounding success by instilling a shared sense of purpose and vision among employees. It enabled employees to imbibe the brand, becoming change agents with unwavering conviction and enthusiasm who bring the Straits Construction brand to life.

Brand Ambassador Training - Train-the-trainer Programme
Brand Launch on Family Day


Straits Construction enjoyed a positive shift in brand perception. This is evident in the increasing number of job applications received during employer recruitment events as the company became more welcoming and attractive to potential employees. The progress was noted by the media, leading to an interview with HR Magazine, commending Straits Construction’s management as “talented” and the company as “future-proof.”

The rebranding efforts have been instrumental in setting the company apart from the competition. A distinctly differentiated brand identity befitting an award-winning company has earned internal and external customers significant trust.