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Refreshing the Brand’s DNA

Bonvests Ltd, a Singapore publicly traded company, is the owner of several diverse businesses. One of its crowning achievements is The Residence, an internationally renowned resort and hotel chain. After its initial establishment in Tunis, The Residence rapidly expanded to Maldives, Zanzibar, and Mauritius, quickly gaining a reputation for excellence.

Refreshing the Brand’s DNA

A listed Singaporean company, Bonvests Ltd owns a variety of businesses. One of its most successful brands is The Residence, an internationally acclaimed resort and hotel chain. The Residence gained fame quickly as it spread to Maldives, Zanzibar and Mauritius not too long after its first location in Tunis.

The Challenges

The hospitality industry is known for its intense competition, and The Residence is no exception. As The Residence looks to expand beyond its current boundaries, it must develop a powerful brand strategy that resonates emotionally with existing and prospective customers.

It is not only essential to establish a unique and memorable identities for the portfolio of brands, but it is also crucial to ensure that all employees are aligned with the brands and the values, ensuring that the brand consistently upholds its high standards of hospitality.

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Our Solutions

To support the company’s growth into new international territories and the acquisition of additional properties, we worked closely with top management to comprehensively understand the business goals. We created a brand architecture system that effectively accommodates its existing hospitality sub-brands while serving as a parent brand for future brand additions.

Once we established the optimal brand architecture, creating a comprehensive management plan for the brands within the chosen structure was easier. We examined The Residence brand to determine what sets it apart for customers and found that it was the personal touch that made it so special. We dubbed this personalized experience “enriched moments.”

With the brand architecture and strategy in place for The Residence and Cenizaro, we helped the management team plan an internal brand launch. We conducted a week-long train-the-trainer program with the executive team. This process was inspiring as we watched the brand come to life and prepared the team to effectively spread its message and values to their colleagues and customers.

Brand Expression
Leadership Training


Refreshed the brand’s DNA while retaining its most valuable strengths and separating it from the competitors in the hospitality industry. The chosen brand architecture proved to be the right choice. With confidence in the new brand strategy we recommended, the management appointed a design agency to express the new Cenizaro and The Residence brand, followed with an international brand campaign. In 2018, Bonvests Ltd inaugurated The Residence Bintan, expanding its brand to South East Asia. We could see that our efforts had born fruit.