About Us

Successful Organisations + Fulfilled Leaders + Engaged Employee

Our name Broc is inspired by the vegetable Broccoli. According to medical research, eating broccoli has many health benefits, which includes preventing the build-up of free radicals and having high levels of antioxidants.

We want to similarly give health benefits to our clients through sound advisory and transferring our knowledge to help our clients grow successfully with fulfilled leaders and engaged employees.

We have been helping businesses unleashed their untapped value since 2008. Let us unleash yours too.

What We Do

We help our clients unlock growth focusing on two areas – Brand Development and  Learning & Development.

We have 13 years of proven track record in successfully growing Asian brands, improving employee performance, drive team consensus and collective action, and enable skills development and personal growth . We have deep expertise in brand strategy, workplace learning, facilitation, training, and leadership coaching.

How We Help

We work with you to uncover your strategic strengths & find the sweet spot, chart your brand and learning & development roadmap, implement solutions to achieve your business objectives.

Who We Work With

We collaborate with ambitious companies and institutions across a wide range of sectors including professional services, technology, food & beverage, retail, FMCG, building & construction, education, hospitality, supply chain management, and not-for-profit. 

Why Work With Us

We leverage the perspectives we’ve gained from numerous industries.

We take a personal interest in your success.

We create an impact in the areas that drive growth.